Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sonic Canvas

This a piece I created for a show at On The Skids called the "Sonic Canvas." I got the idea from my friend Adam at an opening at O.T.S. He had a piece in the show and he was touching another artists work. It sorta freaked me out. Being conditioned to think you should not touch another's art...though that is the purpose of my art work. Adam told me you have to touch the art to fully appreciate and understand what went into creating it. I was thinking about this interaction with Adam several days later and came up with the idea for the "Sonic Canvas." Just a blank white canvas that you touch, rub, and strike to play. This started another conversation in my head. Converting the process of creating a piece of art into a piece of music. I don't feel like an artist and I don't feel like a musician. I've always felt in between and hating the exclusionary attitude in both circles so heres this thing that exists in both that anyone can play, paint, draw, or sculpt on.

The canvas has has a piezo disc connected to the back of it that acts as an acoustic pick up. It converts vibrations into electricity! This small amount of electricity is amplified by a preamp circuit and then sent into a circuit bent Danelectro BLT Slap Back Echo. There is also an oscillator for more weird noises.

-Power on/off
-Delay Feedback
-Delay Time
-Oscillator on/off
-Oscillator pitch
-Oscillator mod knob (changes the way the oscillator sounds)


Video 1