Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Mini Maker Faire was awesome!
............but before I get into all of that........
I still have some more work I would like to do the sequencer so...expect more info on that within the next couple months. I've been busy since the Mini Maker Faire dreaming up new synths. One morning recently I was waking up in that in between hazy dream/awaking state when I began to hear the Cicadas outside singing their loud mating song. I began to imagine their song differently, as LEDs lighting up and dividing frequencies creating these droning and clicking loops of rhythm. Laying there imagining all of this I started to see a circuit form within my head. I drew up a schematic but I haven't began the testing stages yet. I plan on putting the schematic online once I get around to making this synth. I also came up with an idea for something I call "THE RAINBOW LIGHT SYNTH." This synthesizer would use 3 LOW FREQUENCY OSCILLATORS to flash a RGB LED. Each LFO connected to a color (red/green/blue) would cause this color to flash in front of a LIGHT DEPENDANT RESISTOR to alter the pitch and the rhythm of the synthesizer. Colored gels that built into cartridges can be placed between this LDR and LED to filter out specific colors thus....filtering out specific rhythm and pitch changes. ALSO another idea I'm currently working on is a synthesizer that uses NO TRANSISTORS  OR IC CHIPS..... Just a box fan, 9 volt battery, some brass tacks, an aluminum lint trap, some dimmers, a keyboard, and a speaker... so expect...these things!

I had an amazing day at the Mini Maker Faire at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh! It was great talking to other makers/museum guest about my mechanical sequencer and to them about their projects! 99% of them were really nice and wanted to know more! I even met the president of MAKE magazine! I want to give a special thanks to my friend Anthony Scott who spent the day with me at the museum helping explain things to people. We were even asked to be on the Saturday Light Brigrade where I explained the sequencer! I did encounter one guest who was a little condescending to me based on the fact that I don't watch Dr. Who. I'm sorry I didn't understand your pop culture reference to my machine museum guest. I only watch one television show a week. Most of my childhood was spent in front of a glowing box so I like to use my time I have left to make my own glowing boxes. We could have had an interesting conversation about synthesizers but you chose not to.


BANANA PIANO!? ....Banano? Biano?


My beautiful assistant Anthony "Insano Del Taco Super Beef" Scott:

This was the ceiling of the room we were located in!

Sonar Brainwave Indescribable from: OMBOT CULT ( I was a former Member)

MOTOR TEST ( No Sound)

Sequencer Test with Bread Boarded Oscillator

First Test With Circuits Built

(NOT)Hidden Camera Explanation of Mechanical Sequencer

6 minutes of fun at the Mini Maker Faire:

I also found this video on Youtube of the entire faire:

AND! here's an article:


Friday, August 9, 2013


Heres some of the progress I've made on the mechanical sequencer I'll be showing at the Mini Maker Faire next week at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. ALSO.....Blogger has this great thing that shows you where your internet traffic comes from. Its pretty interesting! People all over the world have seen the stuff I've made! That makes me pretty excited but what would make me even more excited is if you left a comment telling me if you thought what I made was stupid or really interesting or even better ask me QUESTIONS!!!! We have this powerfull tool to connect people all over the world but too often we just use to yell opinions that don't change anything or fill up text boxes with meaning throw away statements that never help construct any real conversations! So........ ASK ME QUESTIONS! I'd love to hear from you!

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