Monday, February 18, 2013

UPDATE! Synth Kits

I've been working on a lot lately. I still don't have a computer for regular updates but I hope to make another by the end of the week. Two of my biggest projects lately have been building prototypes for two synth kits I plan on selling. The first is called "THE BIT BLASTER." THE BIT BLASTER is a CMOS synth with 2 audible oscillators each with its own LFO that modulates pitch and each has its own "WAVE" control which controls the ramp of the LFO. This all runs into a cascaded filter for EXTRA funkiness and BLEND control that blends between the filtered and unfiltered sound. I hope to make a kick starter for this synth once the prototype is done to finance the cost of materials like components, silicone to mold the face plates, and casting resin to make the control panels. I want to make these open all the information including the laser cut faceplate files and schematics will be posted here. The prototype is almost complete the last thing to design is what will hold the circuit board. THE BIT BLASTER:

CODENAME:MR KEYS is the other CMOS synth kit I am working on. MR KEYS is a small keyboard synth that is played by you running your fingers over brass contact points letting the electricity of each note pass through your body to the output. There are 4 knobs that control the over all sound/tone/rhythm of the synthesizer. None of these knobs are labeled in order to open a person to self discovery through synthesis. Sounds ranging from Nintendo blips and bloops to heavily over driven rhythmic patterns can be achieved with CODENAME: MR KEYS. Not much left to do on this one either besides order 10mm LEDS and design what will hold the circuit board. Also all info/schematics will also be posted here.

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