Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The Flaming Lips are one of my favorite bands. They are playing in Pittsburgh a week from today. I'm attempting to build them a ONE OF A KIND! effects pedal based off ideas I got while building a pedal I call "MR MUCK" that I made for my friend Chris Vance who plays guitar in FARNSWORTH based out of Charleston WV. The plan is to try to house this pedal in a psychedelic colored skull. I have obtained a plaster skull from a former professor to make a rubber mold. I'm going to try to make posts showing videos of the progression daily. So far this what the control plate will look like....Clear acrylic will be painted in psychedelic drip swirls then the paint etched off and cut out by the laser engraver. MORE SUPER SECRET THINGS TO COME AS THEY DEVELOP ON THIS PROJECT. Hopefully this all works out and when I try to go backstage with a skull with a bunch of knobs coming out of it security wont think I'm some freak with a bomb. More updates about some projects I worked on last month when I get data from the people I worked with.

-Sincerely Weird,

         Jonathan Hodges

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