Saturday, November 23, 2013


Week after week I see more and more TVs and CRT monitors sitting on the curb. THE GARBAGE PEOPLE DONT TAKE THESE! So they just sit there with these stickers on them that say.. OOF! YOU IDIOT! WE DONT TAKE THESE! They just sit there till scrappers in a big truck come by and start ripping them apart for the metal inside... Or just some Mt. Washington hooligans who like smashing things tear these apart...
So now you got glass all over the place and exposed big capacitors.. Unsafe! I think about this every day.. All these TVs and cheesy church lady particle board organs from the 70s and 80s that people can't give away so they try to throw them away and even the garbage doesn't want them.. But I do!
I wish I had a big warehouse I could put them all in. I'd wire all the organs to one central organ that played them all and turn the televisions into oscilloscopes that danced a long with the sounds. I get kinda mad about this garbage and I start thinking about the movie WALL-E. I think.. well..  at that point you won't ever have to buy anything because it will be free in the streets.. Which is a point I'm already at I guess because I've been pulling things out of the trash to make instruments for years now which may have resulted in HOARDING... But it's made things a lot cheaper and made me realize as a designer we're only really making more and more garbage.. Does the world really need new toasters and blenders when there's already been a bajillion made? But anyways.... I was walking home last night and on the fence of this veterans memorial was this little TV. Sitting there completely out of place next to this flagpole, nice flowers, and plaque that someone works hard to maintain so I gave the TV a new home before its new life as a synthesizer.

The pictures were taken using an iPhone, mirrored acrylic, and TV static.

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