Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hanzo Atari Punk Console

The Atari Punk Console or Step Tone Generator designed by Forest Mims is a popular begining DIY noise project easily found on the internet with plenty of modifactions and additions added by people so I wanted to try to make something I hadn't seen before. An 8 Step mechanically sequenced Atari Punk Consol. I had been experimenting with the idea of mechanical sequencers for a while after seeing Peter Edwards work over at and after building and failing at making a few sequencers I built the Hanzo Atari Punk Console. I used the project as my final in CNC milling. The case was milled out using a SHOPBOT and the knobs were first 3D printed, molded in silicone, and cast in Smooth Cast. 
-8 switches to turn off/on each step of the sequence
-8 POTS to control the pitch of each step
-1 Tuning knob
-1 Power Switch
-Speaker shut off switch
-Mod switch and pot for extra weirdness
-1/4 out
-Selectable voltage on transformer as speed control.


Hanzo Atari Punk Console Played through DIN DIAGNOSTIC MACHIEN (Circuit Bent Voice Changer)

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