Friday, May 4, 2012


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ever meet your heros try not to come off as a completly fanical lunatic.
Made this in 2010 for the Flaming Lips. I remember the day I ran as fast as I could towards Wayne Coyne with an orange briefcase yelling "WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".... I'm really surprised I didn't get tackled by security. I know I looked like a complete lunatic via Steven Drozd huge mirrored sunglasses. Then Wayne replied with what has to be one of the amazing statements ever directed towards me..."This is really cool! Stay right here, I'll be right back...I gotta talk to our laser guy.." But yeah met Wayne, Steven, and Kliph they were all really cool and down to Earth. Wayne took people back stage after the show and signed things and stopped and had personal like..20 to 30min conversations with people...but yeah..wish I wouldn't have acted like a lunatic....

-Circuit Bent Radio infused with Circuit Bent Firetruck
-Housed In Secret Agent Orange Brief Case
-Robot Inside Lights up
-Custom Paintjob
-No Videos Unfortunately- Made this right before the show, didn't have time to take a video


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