Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it a fuzz? no... is it a octave pedal? no... more like a 60s fuzz hooked up to a 12volt car battery thats dying played into an amp with a ripped speaker mixed with something else entirely. It all started when I was about to visit my home town to visit my friend Chris from the band "Farnsworth." He asked if I had any weird distortion or boost pedals he could use for a show he had coming up so I decided to put together a quick little distortion pedal for him. So after I built the distortion circuit and got it to my liking I wondered....Well... I have this filter I built for this synth I call THE BIT BUSTER....I wonder what happends when you run the distorted signal through it and....thats how the MR. MUCK was born. I hope to one day improve the circuit a little and make a limited run of 10 to 20 in heavy duty metal enclosures. Email me if you're interested.

check out: FARNSWORTH



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